Hybrid and Integrated RF System

-Multimode, Multi-Band RF Systems

-Multifunctional RF Systems





Minimized Antenna/Intenna/Rectenna System

-Tunable Small Antenna

-Multiband Intenna

- Module integrated Antenna




RF Calibration and Control System

-Compensation of non-linear characteristics

-Compensation of variations


RF Power Charging &  Transfer System

 -  Wireless Charging System

  - Magnetic resonance coupling and multiple charging




    RFID-based Electronic Chess  (Video Link : YouTube)


UHF RFID-based electronic chess


    Electromagnetic security system

        - Electromagnetic application (ID card, billetc.) for securit

        - Security material solution and identificationrecognition system



       60GHz Beam-forming array antenna and algorithm

         · Optimized Beam-forming algorithm for 60GHz Multi-Gigabit Wireless Communications

            - Design of 60GHz wide-band antenna employing LTCC(Low temperature co-fired ceramic)




       Improvement of Hand-Effect in mobile terminal for dual mode/multi-band communication

         · High speed impedance tunable antenna circuit

         · Study of insensible Antenna for Hand Effect




      Compact circularly polarized antenna(RFID, GPS, XM-radio and S-DMB band)

         · Quadrifilar Helix & spiral and Quadruple inverted-f antenna



      Microwave imaging system for breast cancer detector




    Wideband Antenna (2-6 GHz)

    Multi-Band Antenna

    Frequency notched Antenna

    Linear phase Antenna

    [ Multi-Band & Band Notched Antenna ]

    MIMO Antenna


    Beam Steering Characteristics

    Tunerble Antenna

    [ Smart Antenna system Configuration]

    Six-Port Transceiver for Software Defined Radio

    Direct Digital Modulation

    Six-Port Receiver

    RF Nonlinear Calibration

    [ Implemented Six-port Transciever ]

    802.15.3 , UWB (DS-UWB, MB-OFDM)

    Low Power Density

    Mesh Network Available

    High Data Rate

    [Multi-Band OFDM Hybrid test bed block diagram]

    [Multi-Band OFDM Hybrid test bed]

    Mobile RFID System

    RF-DC Power Converter

    Antenna/Front-end Co-Design

    RF System Architecture


    [ Mobile - RFID System ]